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Raw Linters Producers have specific responsabilies within the Linters Industry:

  • on one side their main businesses are cottonseed oil and cake
  • therefore they consider Linters as a waste
  • waste is a speculative side Business
  • dirt in the Linters may mean better Profit and Energy savings

To produce good or best Quality Linters requires a vision for what is good for the customers and long term thinking.

In some countries like India and Pakistan this thinking does not exist.

Low raw Linters Quality means additional cost for linter pulp producers and additional environmental burden and with this the risk to loose customers Long term.

Good raw Linters Quality means better sales prices and long term customer Relations because the customers can produce better Quality pulp.

Main causes for low raw Linters Quality are

  • overrunning seed cleaning capacity before delinting
  • low maintenance for the delinting machines
  • overrunning fibre cleaning capacity after delinting
  • not caring about Plastics and no plastic elimination
  • the experience that consumers also pay for dirt
  • the experience that consumers do not honour better quality

Quality differences like Cellulose content and dirt content and plastic contamination should be demonstrated by quantification through Analysis of the raw Linters.

But this is an action the Producer has to initiate! ( see under "my offers to you" )