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2019 Consulting for a new cotton linter pulp unit in Turkey with 8.000 tpy capacity.                                                                                                    Finding new pulp suppliers for an NC-pulp consumer

2017 Modernisation and capacity expansion for Export business for a Chinese Cotton linter pulp plant with key equipment changes, process changes and effluent treatment changes.

2014 -2016 Research for a new linter pulping process with specific attention to                                                                                  Elimination of plastic from raw Linters                                           mild cooking conditions by additives for fibre protection                 Elimination of Non-BOD compounds from Black Liquor for easier discharge Treatment                                                                   One step bleaching to 90 ISO brightness                                      maximumcombination of high DP, high brightness and low dirt Count for ether grade pulp

2014 - 2015 Consulting for a Flax/Hemp Project in USA

2012 - 2014 Design and Erection of a new linter pulp mill in China

2010 - 2012 value chain improvements for Cotton seed products in India and Pakistan

2009 - 2010 Auditing and qualifying 2 Chinese linter plants for supply to European customer

2007 - 2008 Evaluation of a new linter pulp plant in Syria              modification of 2 linter pulp plants in Russia and Pakistan

2006 Consulting for 2 annual fibre plants in Czechia and Spain

2005 . 2010 Marketing assistance to the largest Chinese linter pulp Producer for Europe

2003 - 2005 complete Business advisor for a new linter pulp plant in Italy ( TCF process )

2000 - 2003 Consulting the largest Chinese linter pulp Producer for Export readiness

1996 - 1999 design and erection of a new linter pulp plant in China

1995 - 2003 Consulting linter pulp Producer in Israel

1995 - 1996 Startup of a linter pulp plant in Iran

1994 - 1995 Consulting for linter pulp plants in  Brazil and Colombia

1992 - 1994 Director at a linter pulp plant in Mexico

1982 - 1992 technical director and Managing director at Peter Temming AG; largest Producer of linter pulp in Europe