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Welcome to Alpha Consult , Dr. Wolf-R. Knabjohann .

Since 35 years I am in the cotton linters pulp industry . 1982 - 1992 with Peter Temming AG at Glückstadt/Germany as Technical Director and Managing Director . Since then I am freelancing consultant to companies in the cotton growing countries . Because this is my belief :

The cotton growing countries shall produce the cotton linters pulp for the international market !

- China has the largest Linters Industry but could do better

- India is using its potential for Linters only with 10% and for Linters pulp only with 1%

- USA has lost its past dominance but still doing okay

- Uzbekistan has equipment but to little knowledge how to use it for good and profitable export business

- Pakistan is a desaster! No sense for this business

- Brazil has destroyed its potential

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Born :   January 8th, 1944                                                    German citizen, married, 2 children                                   Education : doctordegree in Chem. Technology


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